curriculum vitae

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zeki AYDIN



I was born in 1959 and from Konya/Turkey. ?n 1985, I graduated from the Faculty of Theology the University of Ankara. In 1993, I ended my doctorate in the Institute of the Social sciences department of theology - religious educational section. I worked five years (1986-91) as a teacher of the religion and of morale in secondary schools. I worked four years (1991-94) as educational adviser in the Head office of the Education of the Religion to the Turkish National Ministry of the Education. Since 1994 I have worked as lecturer in Divinity Faculty of University of Cumhuriyet (Republic) in Sivas. I stayed as researcher ten months in Tunisia (1994-95) and three months in Belgium. I researched a month in France and one month in Germany.

He is currently working at the Faculty of Education at Selcuk University in Konya.

I am married and I have two children.